welcome letter

Dear colleagues,


We are delighted to have you physically or virtually present at the II Global Animal Law Conference in Barcelona, Spain next July 10-11, 2014. 

With this event our goal is to bring together some of the best legal minds from around the world to discuss the many and varied animal law issues and challenges that so many of us face. It is particularly challenging when these issues arise within a wide assortment of cultures and countries. While a dog or a cow is the same animal regardless of the country in which it is located, the cultures and laws of the countries vary significantly in how they protect or do not protect these animals. We need to understand these differences and how to chart a course to help the dog or cow regardless of where they may be located.

Over the two day Conference we expect to have 28 speakers from over 15 countries, most of whom are law professors who have taught and written on animal issues. We are expecting 180 attending individuals and are seeking to create a space for discussion and exchange.

Our agenda is ambitious and we believe this Conference will help set the legal and scholarly agenda for animal law in the following years. For this reason we saw the need to keep a daily diary of all our activities and panels for those who unfortunately cannot be here with us or even for those who want to look back at what was discussed about on a particular panel. We hope you will enjoy the Conference and that this blog will be helpful to you.


Martina Pluda 

(Communications Officer)
and the whole staff of the Master in Animal Law and Society

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